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Stellar Silver Dress

Stellar Silver Dress

Made in London



Introducing the Stellar Silver Dress, a versatile and captivating piece that draws inspiration from the celestial wonders of the cosmos. This wrap mini dress features a roll neck and full-length sleeves, exuding an air of sophistication and cosmic elegance. Crafted from shimmering black silver fabric that emulates the distant stars in the night sky, it creates an otherworldly aura.

What sets it apart is its adaptability; the full-length sleeves can be elegantly rolled up, allowing you to transform the dress into a chic, unique statement piece that reflects your personal style. To add an extra layer of individuality, the dress comes with a detachable belt, providing you the freedom to swap it out for your own belt and tailor the look to your liking. Whether you're looking to embrace its celestial charm or infuse it with your own personality, the Stellar Silver Dress is a radiant choice for any occasion. It's a masterpiece that allows you to shine like the stars in your own unique way.

Materials & Care

Wash care instructions:
Machine wash at 30 degrees
Do not tumble dry
Do not bleach
Cool iron
Can be dry cleaned

Fabric Type:
96% Polyester
4% spandex

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